Children and Family Portraits

How to get your Portrait painted: Procedure and Fees

Each portrait I paint is special because each person is unique
For over 15 years I have assisted and helped my lovely clients all over the world to surprise their close ones with a beautiful hand drawn or hand painted portrait of their children, family members or friends

As a portrait artist, my main focus –  besides achieving an excellent likeness – is to capture the subject unique personality,   in a realistic, soft and painterly style.

Through my portraits, I  aim to express the natural beauty that is inside each person, that makes each one unique.

I find there is so much more in a portrait than just  a physical  likeness… the sweet innocence of a child, the hidden memories of an adult, the love and happiness of a couple, the emotions expressed through the eyes, or a gesture, to be captured in a painting that unlike photos,  will be cherished forever.

Among my favourite painting mediums for people portraits are pastels and sepia pencils, because of the luminous quality and overall softness that they deliver to the

portraits, and also because of their archivial quality, which makes them an ideal medium for a painting that is supposed to last through generations as a family heirloom.

Choosing the Perfect Photo

Although I work from one main photo in order to achieve an accurate likeness, I like to see additional ones in order to get a more accurate view of the person’s features , of  his/her expression, personality  and attitude.

 Please note that a quality portrait requires clear enough photographs to work from:   the better the photograph, the more detail I can discern and transfer in your portrait. 

We will start discuss the mood, composition, clothing, size.

Payment Schedule

When everything has been decided and agreed and you are ready to proceed, a 50% deposit is required to get started or to retain a place on the wait  list;

this is 100% refundable any time before work commences.

Deposit can be paid by credit card via Paypal or by Bank transfer.


When the portrait is finished I’ll show you a preview of it by email. At this point you can let me know if I truly captured your child or family , both his  physical characteristics and his unique character and personality;

 if there’s anything you’d like me to alter, I’ll make any adjustments  and send you updated photos of the portrait) and only when you’re completely happy you can proceed with payment just before I’ll ship the portrait.

Portrait Delivery

The portrait will be delivered via courier securely packaged  and it will be trackable.


You can find my current Price list here

For any inquiry, to discuss commissioning a portrait, or if there is anything you’d like to ask me, please feel free to contact me at